Trekking in Oman


The trekking season is generally from September to May, but the best period is October to April. Above 1,900 meter altitude trekking is possible all year round. The countryside is mostly rugged and the trails are loose, but trekking is by far the best way to enjoy Oman's spectacular mountain-landscape.

Different types of trips with varying degrees of difficulty can be done; from the easy start in the Capital Area to the stunning Rim Walk in the Grand Canyon of Jabal Shams.

If you are inexperienced in hiking/trekking please contact someone with experience before you set off: In Muscat and Interior, there are a few local touroperators which can provide a fully organised trek, complete with Donkey-porters, guide, necessary equipment and transport to and from the starting and finishing points. They also provide participants with a choice of itineraries.

Now for the first time in Oman, trekking routes have been marked and signposted which can be easily recognised by the brown coloured signboards pointing to the beginning of the marked treks. Further details can be found in the new "Trekking Oman Explorer" and in the Trekking guide book "Adventure Trekking in Oman" or by contacting certain tour operators in Muscat or the interior.