Trekking Grades.

There are treks to suit everyone in Oman, and so to help you decide which ones would be suitable for you, we use a grading scheme forthe more popular treks. If you plan your own custom trek then you may like to ask for advice about how suitable it would be for you. Each of the treks that we have listed is graded 1 to 3, and the grades have the following meanings:

these are easy treks suitable for inexperienced trekkers. You will find no difficult climbs or high altitudes and they usually take less than a few hours. Don't think that because they are easy they are not interesting - far from it. You will trek through fantastic countryside – perhaps traditional terraced farms and some fascinating local villages or along side of steep canyons.

these treks are more challenging, with more ascents and descents, and climbs to higher altitude. They are generally longer, taking anything from 4 to 9 hours. You will be rewarded with views off high mountains cliffs. Previous trekking experience on GRADE 1 treks is recommended, if not contact a tour operator which offers guided trekking tours.

these are suitable for people with previous mountain walking and scrambling experience. They can reach high altitudes, can be also very long in distance or/and often involve steep climbs and some scrambling. At least experience on treks with GRADE 2 is recommended, if you are inexperienced we recommend you contact a tour operator which offers guided trekking tours.