Central Jabal Ahkdar -  W18b

Al Aqor – Al Ain – Sayq Village
a lovely terrace walk through the villages with nice views into Wadi Muhaydin

Start: Birkat Al Mawz to Saiq Plateau – from Muscat
120km + 30km graded.
Walking time: 2 to 2,5 hrs,
Altitude: 1900 meter
Length: 4 km GRADE 1
Base: Jabal Al Ahkdar Hotel, Guesthouses, Nizwa Hotels


No more road permit is required to drive the road up from Birkat Al Mawz to Jabal Akhdar. But only 4WD vehicles are allowed.

Please be careful when you drive down again: many accidents happen because the drivers are using the brakes to much, they overheat and fail to work. It is best to use a lower gear on the way down and use the brakes only sparingly.