Eastern Jabal Ahkdar  -  W25

Wakan – Hadesh:
a roundtrip from beautiful terraces in Wakan up to the Sayq plateau rim with wonderful views of the Gubrah Bowl
(W25), then down through rock balconies to Hadesh (W24a) and further on via Al Qoorah back to Wakan (W24b).
From the crossing of W25/W24a it is possible to walk to Manakhir on the Saiq Plateau (4km).

Walking time:

4 hrs W24a
4 hrs W25, GRADE 2
3 hrs W24b

Altitude: 1500m –2000m – 1450m – 1350m – 1500m

Base: Sawadi Beach Resort

Start: from the Rustaq Road after Nakhl turn left to Wadi MISTAL (100km from Muscat), then take the graded road to Wakan or Hadesh 40km.